LETTERS NEEDED to the Court for the LAWSUIT against BUSH for Aiding ILLEGAL Immigration

REQUEST for letters From the General Public and 9/11 VICTIM FAMILY MEMBERS

Friday, September 19, 2003

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Monday, June 09, 2003

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Hello to everyone! My name is Joseph A. Sadowski - author of the lawsuit against President Bush et al for aiding and abeting ILLEGAL immigration! [click here to view lawsuit]

View the Tom Flocco website Link to the story! Please read! [click here to view]

You all know me by now! I tried to by some extra time for this lawsuit and I got it! This was because I need you to send more letters to the court stating how you are victimized by illegal immigration. I want you to write MORE letters to the court especially if you haven't as of yet, concerning your losses due to ILLEGAL immigration ......just this one more time!


We have two to four weeks before they will make their decision to have Bush et al go to trial for aiding and abeting illegal immigration. We all have worked too hard for you not to do your part! We need to get people off their couch and to a table to write a letter! We are about out of time! The next thing which will happen if you don't do SOMETHING is that ILLEGAL aliens will become citizens! Do we want this? That will NOW be up to you!

I have done my job! I now have a full panel of federal Judges sitting on this case! Good luck to you all! Keep the letters coming!

If this case progresses to trial and is successful, this will happen:

#1. We will close the borders!

#2. All US law enforcement agencies will be questioned for violating our rights!
All US citizens rights.

#3. The president would be made civily lible for 9/11 losses.

All 911 victims were unfairly given a ceiling on the amount in which they can sue! November 2001, Being that I started this lawsuit before 9/11, the president was placed on notice that he and the government would be held liable for any in action against any invasion or terrorist attack as is stated in parliamentry rules, ...just like it was stated in the Magna Carta! All government officials will be held accountable!

Refer to:

Magna Carta Translation

A translation of Magna Carta as confirmed by Edward I with his seal in 1297:

If anyone shall have been disseized by us, or removed, without a legal sentence of his peers, from his lands, castles, liberties or lawful right, we shall straightway restore them to him. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five barons who are mentioned below as sureties for the peace. But with regard to all those things of which any one was, by king Henry our father or king Richard our brother, disseized or dispossessed without legal judgment of his peers, which we have in our hand or which others hold, and for which we ought to give a guarantee: We shall have respite until the common term for crusaders. Except with regard to those concerning which a plea was moved, or an inquest made by our order, before we took the cross. But when we return from our pilgrimage, or if, by chance, we desist from our pilgrimage, we shall straightway then show full justice regarding them.

That the pretended power of suspending the laws or the execution of laws by regal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal; Presented by: This would mean all the loitering laws that are not in effect in some states and are in other states must be enforced as Congress did not remove them from the house nor did they vote them out, wherefore each law enforcement agency that does not enforce them can and will be held liable for their in actions

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

English Bill of Rights 1689

An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown

Need I say more!

we need to get this request out to as many people who have been victimized by ILLEGAL immigration as we can and get them to write letters!

Please help your country and yourself and write these letters! this is the only chance you are going to get! Once I'm done with my part, the opportunity will not be available ... only because I served the President before 9/11!

Please support this cause and write your letters! Joseph!


Mr. Joseph A.F. Sadowski: Author of the Presidental Lawsuit for racketeering and aiding and abeting ILLEGAL immigration

REMEMBER - ILLEGAL Immigration is NOT a Victimless Crime! We ALL pay the costs!


Judge Richard J. Leon
United States District Court
for the District of Columbia
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001


Joseph A. Sadowski
30 Murray Road
Hicksville, NY 11801


To Judge Richard J. Leon:

I support Mr. Joseph Sadowski in his lawsuit, Index Number 02:CV-01766, and would hope that Your Honor would find that it is a crime not to enforce the laws that already exist within our system. There are more threats against United States Citizens then all of us can imagine!

The patience of American citizens is wearing thin while they observe illegal aliens breaking the laws which are not not being enforced. Instead the law is being enforced against American Citizens! This in itself is against the law! You cannot hold someone accountable and someone else NOT accountable. Citizens are being arrested every day because they make remarks to these illegal Aliens and they are calling it a hate crime. If illegal aliens were not here this would not happen! It is our government that is violating the rights of the citizens by not enforcing the Laws. We believe that the liability of these crimes against American citizens by the actions of illegal aliens should be against the US. Government. There appears to be a continuing lack of support by this government to support the enforcement of our laws against illegal aliens!

Thank you

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Judge Richard J. Leon
United States District Court
for the District of Columbia
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

Re: Joseph Sadowski, Esq. Lawsuit
Index Number 02:CV-01766

Dear Judge Leon:

The invasions of Mexicans into the United States of American has become simply intolerable. The worst part is that our government doesn't seem to care! On a personal matter, I have sent letter upon letter to President George Bush as well as various senators. I am not the only one either. There have been thousands of other taxpaying American citizens involved in this same scene. Our letters must have vanished into a thin, dark hole somewhere since not one response has ever been received. What are we as tax paying citizens supposed to do as we see our country slowly being peeled away from us? We see our country being taken over by Vincente Fox's people. We also see Southern California vanishing in front of our very eyes due to the enormous influx of Mexicans. San Diego, California is now 28% Mexican. That is a documented figure only. Is this fair? As Americans WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT US from this enormous invasion? Our government? I seriously doubt it at this point in time.

I've lived in Las Vegas since 1990. Within the last few years, our elementary schools are now mostly Mexican children. The Caucasian children are now in the minorities. Certain areas of Las Vegas now look like Little Mexico. The Mexicans are getting every 'hand out' there possibly is from our own government. Many states are also reeling from the handouts to the Mexicans. IS THIS ALSO FAIR to the long time, tax paying citizens who have lived in our great country for years? You personally know it is not fair to people who have lived in our great country for generation upon generation. When I hear that streets in Los Angeles, for instance, are now being given Mexican names, I am furious as a United States citizen. I am not the only person angered by these enormous changes of events either. There are thousands if not millions of Americans who are angered that our own government doesn't do diddily squat for the benefit of our own American people pertaining to this same cause.

Crime has increased due to the huge influx of Mexicans! Jobs are also being taken AWAY from Americans! Diseases such as tuberculosis is showing higher and higher increases! Illegal Mexican women even cross our borders to have babies! We're the tax paying suckers who pay for their medical services. Let one of our own Caucasian women have a baby. Guess who gets served first in a medical facility? Due to the guest program, it has to be the illegal Mexican! The Mexican students are now receiving $5,000 a year to go to college. Do the Caucasian kids get these benefits? No they are not! The question is, WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING THEIR VARIOUS CAUSES? My hard earned tax money should NOT be going towards the whims of Vincente Fox and his people. My hard earned tax money should be for the benefit of our own people who have lived in this country generation upon generation. Not some coyote, illegal alien who crosses the country into the United States thinking all of us are suckers WHICH WE ARE!

Within the last week in Las Vegas in my own neighborhood, I heard that a Mexican had robbed a Texaco Gas Station as well as a small, twenty-four quick stop food store up the street. He held a gun on both of the store clerks! Both of these stores are in the same vicinity. Mr. Leon, how long are we supposed to have this continuous nightmare crammed down our throats? As American citizens, we never voted to have these Mexicans come in and take over our country. What is wrong with our own government when they keep ignoring the requests of the American people? I, for one, am alarmed as to the way this situation is so much out of hand that it is actually the unimaginable anymore. Yet our government sits back and gives more and more BENEFITS to the Mexicans and that includes the Mexican illegals. So you tell me...do you have the answer? I think you do and therefore since our government is irresponsible in this clear fact which clearly demonstrates why Mr. Joseph Sadowski filed a lawsuit since nothing is being done whatsoever. As a United States government, they have let us all down and there is nothing worse when a government..... when 'for the people and by the people'..... does nothing but bend to more and more whims of the Mexican people. I support Mr. Joseph Sadowski regarding this cause!

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Singer
Las Vegas, Nevada


9/11 and Other Crimes - Victim Stories

As I watched television the morning of September 11, 2001, I didn't know that three members of my family were on the airplane that plowed into the World Trade Center. My brother Daniel, his roommate Ron, and my beautiful three-year old nephew David were returning from a family vacation aboard United Flight 175. We wouldn't learn until 7:00 p.m. that evening that all three of them were confirmed passengers on that airplane. The hours since then have been agonizing.

Every day, several times a day, there are reminders of what happened September 11.

I have stopped listening to the radio, stopped reading newspapers, stopped watching television. In order to take care of my family, I dropped out of college. Friends don't know how to help me. They are dealing with the impact of what happened to them as Americans that day. As we went to war I worried that my son, a Gunners Mate with the US Navy, was in harm's way. The most difficult part is thinking what terrible things that innocent three-year old child and the other children on that plane witnessed as men with hate and anger in their souls commandeered that airplane.

Did little David see his father injured or killed as his dad tried to protect his son? It is beyond imagination.

Dawn Rodgers
Jenison, MI

There was a story in our local paper, "Deported parolee arraigned in murder of Jacumba woman bludgeoned with pipe wrench," regarding the murder of an innocent local woman by an illegal alien who had been deported. This victim represents my worst nightmare of living on a border that is still out of control. Our 300-acre ranch is constantly being used by smugglers. The same trails that have been used for years are still being used daily. And the illegal traffic just keeps coming. I carry a gun just to take my grandkids for a walk! As long as amnesties are even discussed and as along as people keep hiring illegals without fear of being prosecuted, our border will forever be out of control and there will be a lot more innocent victims! Please help us!

Donna Tisdale,
Boulevard, CA

I was attacked by an illegal alien gang member while going to work early in the morning. He hit me from behind, dragged me across the street causing cuts and bruises on my arms, and stole my purse. Two women, also illegal aliens, witnessed the event, but they refused to talk to police. It was also witnessed by two American Hispanics, who told the police the perpetrator was an illegal alien gang member who lives in the "projects." They were terrified that he might seek retribution on them if they cooperated with the police.

Anne Brothers
Rosamond, CA

ILLEGAL Immigration Impact in the Workplace - Victim Stories

In my occupation, warehouse supervisor, wages have dwindled in the past 10 yrs. The reason is that all the companies' shipping departments have been flooded with cheap Mexican labor. Illegal aliens have driven down the wages of numerous occupations--all the way from the fast food industry or restaurant industry to construction. I'm just seeing a lot of corruption around me and it sickens me to see the town I grew up in starting to look like a Third World village in Mexico.

My niece is in a school where there are so many non-English speaking Mexican kids that it is deterring the American kids from learning. I'm writing to say that this is not a funny or passing fad--this is a major problem and all the politicians ignore it.

Jerry Wilson
Redwood City, CA

I am an electronic engineer. At least, I was until I got laid off on April 26 last year. For over one year now, I have been unable to get a new job. I am told that there are about 80 applicants for every engineering job! It is said that Lockheed in Fort Worth advertised 200 openings and got 30,000 applicants! Yet companies continue to scream that there's a shortage of engineers! Congress, dependent on campaign contributions (bribes) from these companies, continues to expand the number of foreigners allowed to enter the country on the H1-B and L-1 programs and take jobs from American citizens.

U.S. corporations no longer have to outsource high-tech or information technology (IT) job to China or India. They just bring your replacement here on an L-1 visa

L-1 visas were created to facilitate intra-company transfers within multinational corporations. Corporations use them to hire Asians at one-third the salary of their U.S. employees. Then the Asians are transferred to the United States, where the "downsized" U.S. employees spend their last employed months training their replacements. It allows U.S. corporations to claim they are paying "prevailing wages" to all employees

L-1 visas get around the legal technicalities that Congress placed on the H-1B visa program According to Business Week, there are now about 350,000 foreigners on L-1 visas who have displaced U.S. IT and high-tech employees. Put this number together with the number of H-1B visas, and Americans have lost 750,000 high-income jobs in the last few years No other country in the world, with the partial exception of the United Kingdom, dispossesses its own citizens in this way

John G Marson
Tampa, FL

I'm a highly educated, experienced and successful engineer in the Silicon Valley region of California. Before 1987, my unemployment rate was 0%. Since 1987, my unemployment rate has been 75%. The causes of this are complex. However, the H-1B, L-1, TN and other occupationally tied visa programs created by Congess have surely been a major factor.

Terry Oldberg
Los Altos Hills, CA

Due to a lack of work, my software consulting manager position was eliminated. No one seemed to be hiring middle managers, so I had to revert to my computer programming roots.

There were few openings and the competition was fierce, but after two months I got a job making $25,000 less per year. Now I know why. In just my business unit, 14 of 29 consultants are foreign born or offspring of foreign born--mostly Asian, but also African, Russian, Mexican, and Swedish. I've observed similar trends at the other consulting companies and clients I am working with.

The salaries that especially the foreign born are willing to work for seems responsible for a reduction of the average annual salary for programmers. I'm on the upper end of my pay scale doing something I have not done in years, so I'm constantly worried about being replaced. Something must be done.

Michael Duane Comer
Atlanta, GA

When hundreds of Vietnam immigrants were being brought into the Seattle area by the government after the war, I tried to get hired at a shipyard in Seattle, which had government contracts at that time. It was mandated that some of these people be put to work and due to lack of qualifications their wages would be subsidized. Jobs in the mechanical trade were lacking at that time and I had been laid off. In spite of having years of experience in that industry, there were no openings for me due to the many inexperienced Vietnamese who were put to work there. I, born and raised in this country and a WW11 veteran, was outside looking in. Needless to say, I resented our politically correct congress allowing programs like that.

Charles Cripps
Gig Harbor, WA

I pursued a difficult course of study that ended at age 32 with my earned Ph.D. in Biophysics. I earned honors. I had heard the false employer claims that there was a "looming shortage" of scientists and engineers. Really, there is a shortage of jobs in all technical fields, particularly for experienced American citizens.

I have had my job cut by six different employers, even while I have received special positive recognitions from those same employers. I have experienced many traumas as a consequence of those job cuts. My most recent employer, Genuity, cut my job in August, 2001 and kept its H-1Bs (foreign workers in the U.S. on a special, very profitable kind of visa Congress has given away to some narrow business interests). I am writing a book, An American Scam about the national security harms of these "government subsidy" programs that continue to import tidal waves of foreign technical professionals.

Gene Nelson, Ph.D
Carrollton TX

The Social Impact of ILLEGAL Immigration - Victim Stories

We have lived in this neighborhood since 1955. It was at that time a nice, quiet, and low crime rate neighborhood in Eastern Dallas. Now we are saturated with Mexican immigrants, many, probably the majority, of whom are illegal. These people come here and are subsidized by Fannie Mae to buy houses. Many get free medical care and draw Social Security without paying one penny into it as well as drawing welfare. They cost us taxpayers millions of dollars annually: Huge amounts of printed matter have to be in Spanish as well as directions on products. Police responding to calls often have to request an additional Police element with a Spanish speaker so they can translate. This takes more valuable time from Officers being able to properly do real police work as well as additional cost of fuel & vehicles. What I have written here just barely scratches the surface. Multiply this by nationwide numbers and the additional cost boggles the mind. This all in addition to ruining our and many other neighborhoods.

G. M. Tippit
Dallas, TX

My story is not as dramatic as some. Many people have been raped, robbed or had loved ones killed because of illegal immigration. I'm just your run-of-the-mill working class person who has had hordes of illegals move into my neighborhood.

My car insurance is sky high because there is so much car theft in my area, as well as unlicensed, uninsured drivers. It is estimated that 50% of the drivers in my town are unlicensed and/or uninsured. I must pay for this with increased insurance rates and uninsured motorist coverage.

The roads are more and more crowded, and more and more dangerous. I was hit by an illegal who ran a red light. As a result, I will have back pain the rest of my life. But I am "lucky." The fiancée of one of my friends was almost killed when a drunken, unlicensed, uninsured illegal ran a red light and hit him.

I look around and I wonder what happened to my country. I am a stranger in my own land. I am a despised and persecuted minority, stuck in a bad neighborhood with no way out. I am fearful. I am made to feel unwelcome in the very country in which I was born and raised. I wonder why we have allowed this to happen, and why nothing is being done.

Nancy Attwood
Van Nuys, California

I am a victim of immigration and "cultural diversity". I had a job as a teacher here in Maine. I was let go after my first year and replaced by a teacher of an "ethnic minority". When I asked for a reason for my release, I was told that I said things that didn't "sit well" with a minority of the parents. I explained that I still had to learn what was expected in the community. I was further informed that I just didn't fit in.

I guess I have to agree--after all I was a member of a minority culture for twenty years. You see, I was a soldier in predominantly Medevac units for twenty years. I was Honorably Retired, went back to school and got my teaching degree (Cum Laude) and found a job as a teacher. MY cultural background was military and I guess that doesn't qualify as "culturally diverse". I wonder if my immigrant replacement is any more displaced than I was?

Bruce Burgess
Pittsfield, Maine

One day in October 1995, a woman from Mexico ran a stop sign and collided with my little pick up truck. After the police arrived, I was told she didn't have insurance, or a drivers' license. She was here illegally.

This accident caused damage to my right ankle, right knee, left rib cage, neck, and back. These injuries put me out of business forever, since my work required a lot of ladder climbing. My lawyer said it would be a waste of money to go after her, because she didn't have anything, and all she would do would be to split back to Mexico.

This has led to other medical problems, constant pain everyday, a daily dose of pain pills, and I can't pursue a relationship with a woman of any kind. Because of that illegal alien, I will probably die alone, and in pain.

I know illegal aliens want a better life. But, what in HELL about mine? I earned this as a veteran of Viet Nam?

Ray Wright
Phoenix, AZ

Letter to the editor: June 8, 2003

The Democrat/Socialist Party is malignant. The Republican Congress is individual freedom’s last hope, but they will NOT challenge a Republican president. Bush’s successful assault on our Constitution and Bill of Rights proves that. Couple that with his refusal to protect our borders, language, culture, rule of law, while engaging in unconstitutional war. We have become a police state for citizens and a welfare haven for illegals of all stripes.

Bush is spending us into oblivion “protecting” foreign borders while ignoring ours. A true “war on terror” begins by securing your own perimeters and booting out all illegal aliens. To this day terrorists, criminals, diseased, illiterates are free to enter virtually unimpeded (estimated 10,000 per day) literally trashing our nation, cashing in on welfare programs, draining our healthcare, dragging down public education, refusing to assimilate, making special demands, delivering 75% of all illicit drugs, committing crimes, filling our prisons—yet the Republican Administration turns a blind eye. Why?

The only thing that gives backbone to otherwise spineless Republicans is a Democrat adversary; we must face this fact and defeat Bush. These are One-World elitists who are using the religious right and conservative vernacular as their cover—refusal to face the facts (acts not words) will drive the final nails in the coffin of American Liberty.

Bush did nothing to rescind Clinton’s treasonous Executive Orders, leftist bureaucratic appointments, and collectivist programs. In fact, he increased them, e.g. government education spending. He seeks amnesty for millions of illegals and made churches eligible for welfare. He signed Campaign Finance Reform attack on free speech; his Patriot Acts allow search & seizure of our homes & businesses, secret arrests/incarceration.

You are far less free today than when he took office. By his deeds you should know him. That is why Bush must go.

Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith, Arkansas


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